About Me

I began gaining an interest in websites and technology when I was just around 12 years old. Since then I have become more interested in how things work and how things are implemented. I began exploring by creating basic and simple website around the age of 16. A few years later I began college at Oregon Institute of Technology where I began studying Software Engineering and Computer Engineering courses which focused on C++ and Computer Architecture. I then transfered to Central Washington University where I am currently on track to graduate in June 2019. At Central I have become more familiar with Java and C++ but have worked in other languages like Python and Standard ML. My current project includes working in a group to make a widget for our client NRS Systems.


Here are some projects that I have worked on. Also check out my GitHub

  • NRS Systems Mercury Calendar Widget (More About NRS) - (Started January 2019 - Finished March 2019) - This was my first project with a client and working in a group bigger than 4 people. I feel like I gained a lot from this project from enhancing my JavaScript skills to skills related working with teams and clients. Going into this project we all thought it was going to be easy and that turned out not to be the case. We ran into many minefields where we ran into things that slowed down our process like recurring events. I did not expect recurring events to be so difficult but there are a lot of cases to check for and I'm glad we were able to come out with a better grasp of them. A video of our calendar running on the Mercury device can be found here.
  • Javascript Calculator - October 2018 - This was a project for my CS 480 (Introduction to Software Engineering) class where we were asked to make a calculator with required operations. The code can be found on GitHub.
  • StudyCWU - May 2018 - I made this website with the idea to help students around the CWU campus to connect with others who are looking for study groups in their classes. Unfortunately my google cloud platform that was hosting the site got corrupted and I lost everything.